For many survivors of traumatic or difficult experiences, it is a struggle to separate painful memories and feelings of these past events from lessor present day stressors, positive life changes, and accomplishments. Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a trauma treatment modality that addresses the impact of trauma at the nervous system level, especially on our innate survival responses of fight, flight, and freeze. As a certified SE Practitioner, I work with individuals to explore where they might be "stuck" in these responses due to traumatic events where effectively utilizing these survival strategies was not an option. 


While this modality can look similar to regular talk therapy, we will pay special attention to the physical symptoms that you might experience and not just cognitive ones. To do so, I often ask clients to notice physical sensations that arise during our work together to help them feel "unstuck" and allow the nervous system to process the trauma in a titrated, healthy way. SE can be used to treat traumas of all types, including medical trauma, exposure to violence, mass disasters, developmental trauma, sexual assault and abuse, neglect, vehicle or other accidents, and near death experiences. SE is also useful in treating symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, feeling overwhelmed, and chronic pain.

For more information about Somatic Experiencing, check out the SE Trauma Institute website.